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Shotcrete Benefits

There are many methods of construction that involve traditional cement applications, however many of these traditional methods are being replaced by shotcrete technologies. There are many reasons that include efficiencies and durability; from ditch and swimming pool construction to retaining wall construction shotcrete is quickly becoming the choice method of […]

Shotcrete Sustainability

Shotcrete is a terrific building material that has so many uses. Because of its method of application, it’s a well-compacted and consolidated material perfect for a variety of challenging structures such as a retaining wall or ditch. It’s also a terrific method of applying a repair. And it’s also a […]

Manage Moisture

Proper drainage is paramount to the long-term success of a concrete structure. When it comes to longevity and structural integrity, few elements break down a structure quicker than poor drainage. When Shotcrete Montana builds a structure such as a retaining wall, a moisture protection system will be put in place […]

Shotcrete Overview

There are different types of concrete and different ways to apply it, but why is it important to use one over the other? Well, the number one difference between shotcrete and other types of concrete is the application of the material. Shotcrete’s innovative method of application make it a terrific […]

Remove Concrete-Techniques to Remove Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly durable and hardy building material; it’s long lifespan makes it a terrific choice as a building material for numerous projects. But like all things, concrete/shotcrete does eventually break down and need to be replaced. And the removal of a concrete slab, retaining wall, or ditch can […]

Concrete/Shotcrete Repair

It’s not always necessary to repair concrete. It’s a reliable and sturdy building material, and it’s likely that if the shotcrete/concrete was applied by your shotcrete/concrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana then it will stand the test of time. Because it’s such a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting product, it’s used on […]