Concrete Repair Billings MT

Concrete is a reliable, durable building material. It’s the foundation of almost every home; it’s the foundation of our neighborhood’s sidewalks and paths, and for good reason: it’s a lasting, environmentally friendly product. But, even with all of its beneficial aspects, concrete can still develop cracks over time, as it gets weathered. Fortunately, though, concrete is also easily reparable. Unlike other building materials which require a complete overhaul if compromised, concrete can be fixed easily with nothing more than a patch. Products like Quikrete concrete repair are a good option for repairing concrete. It’s a three step process that almost anyone can perform, by using the right tools, and a little knowledge for the process.

To repair a crack in concrete, the crack in the concrete should be more than ¼”. If the crack is narrower, use a chisel to widen the crack and also to break away any of the crumbling edges. The edges of the crack should be chiseled to a smooth edge. It’s important to remove all the debris from the crack. Use a firm-bristled brush to clean away all of the dust and debris. The concrete caulk needs a solid surface in which to bind.

Then, determine the width of the crack and cut the nozzle of the concrete repair caulk to the width of the crack. With the concrete caulk in a caulking gun, squeeze the caulk into the crack. Because concrete caulks dry quickly—forming a tough skin after just twenty minutes, and completely drying—depending on temperature, humidity, etc., —in one to two hours.

When the repair caulk has dried, apply the concrete sealer to the crack. If the crack is wider then one quarter on an inch, concrete sealer should be applied in several coats—per the manufacturers instructions. Don’t leave the excess sealant on the concrete and it should be cleaned immediately.

Anytime you’re using a new product in a project, it’s important to follow all of the manufacturers guidelines. Shotcrete Montana carries products, such as Quikrete, for all of your concrete repair needs.

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