Break Down a Concrete Slab: The Tools and Techniques to Simple Concrete Removal

Concrete does age, and when it comes time to be replaced, it can be a difficult job to remove the old slab. There are several tools that work efficiently to break down concrete, although the two that work best are probably the jackhammer and the sledgehammer—oftentimes both are used on a demolition project with success. And there are positives and negatives to both, depending on the type of demolition project you have in mind. Here’s a few of the tips/methods for concrete removal, using these tools…

Jackhammers are incredibly heavy, especially in the hands of the uninitiated. And while it can seem like a terrific idea to rent a jackhammer, believing that because it’s a machine it’s the most efficient tool to complete a demolition project, there are drawbacks to using such a heavy, cumbersome machine. First, if you don’t use the jackhammer with appropriate technique, or if your fitness is a bit lackluster, then a jackhammer could cause you to injure your back, possibly leave your arms and legs incredibly stiff and sore. But, in the hands of someone with experience or someone who has the physical prowess to handle the weight and cumbersomeness properly, a jackhammer can make quick work of a slab of concrete.

The sledgehammer is a terrific tool, and oftentimes the quickest and most appropriate for removing a small slab of concrete—think patio-sized slab of concrete. But there is a technique involved to using the sledge (You might find it difficult to try and break up the slab from the center). The best way is to begin at the edge of the slab and work inward, at an angle, so that there’s always an edge to help break the slab apart.

And if you ever need help in removing concrete, or you need the concrete experts at Shotcrete Montana to rebuild what you’ve broken down, then call today.

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