Why Hire A Professional? I.E. Isn’t This The Age Of DIY?

Some jobs are practically made for the average weekend home-improvement-warrior. Most anyone can learn to mix simple batches of concrete, to build forms correctly, and then to pour concrete, float it and seal it. But there are reasons to hire a professional. And it’s not just for the big jobs—although size is a valid reason. Here are a few of the reasons.

Precision and Expertise

Some jobs simply require experience. Sure, you might be able to do the job, but will it last? Will there be any weak spots? A concrete pro knows the ins and outs of the job you want to accomplish; he’s probably performed the same job you’re doing, or one very close to it, time and again, and he knows how to do it right. Correctness is everything, isn’t it? And oftentimes during a job there is a hiccup somewhere in the process; something that you didn’t read about online, and don’t know, on the fly, how to fix. It’s likely that someone more experienced with working with concrete knows exactly what to do when that inevitable hiccup does occur.

And because a concrete contractor knows how to do the job right, he will save you money. Yes, there is a savings involved in doing it yourself; you don’t have to pay the money for labor. But factor in the cost of machinery and materials—rented or bought—and then factor in the time you have to spend on the jobsite. And then factor in the possibility of doing the job incorrectly; what if you have to pay to have it done again? A replacement cost would surely be more than simply hiring someone to do the job right the first time. And if you plan on doing just the one job—say you are putting up a retaining wall with shotcrete—do you really want those tools and machinery cluttering your garage for the next ten years?

Thankfully you have the experts at Shotcrete Montana for all your concrete contracting needs. Shotcrete Montana can even help you find with the materials and tools for those smaller jobs; the jobs you can easily perform on your own.

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