Foundation Repair with Shotcrete

One of the current housing trends is to buy older houses and rehab them; in fact, it’s become more popular to rehab an older home than to build new. And it’s understandable because oftentimes those older homes have more character and charm; and they can oftentimes be purchased for less. But many of these homes have inherent issues that are greater and more difficult than a simple cosmetic rehab. Sometimes these homes have structural issues with the foundation. (Eventually, every home’s foundation will break down to the point of being in need of some repair, so this isn’t something that should be overlooked when you shop for a new home). Home’s with foundations that are well over one hundred years old—as most homes in the center of our major Montana cities are—are prone to some structural issues, and when the walls of the foundation begin to noticeably chip or crack—cleave—possibly even cave in, then it’s time to call the concrete experts at Shotcrete Montana.

How Does Shotcrete Benefit Foundation Walls?

Usually when homeowners have structural issues with concrete foundations they are forced to either completely tear out the old foundation and install a new one, or to simply add structure and permanent support with shotcrete. Amazingly shotcrete can leave a finish similar to that of a new foundation—even on walls that have deteriorated to the point of caving in! to begin the process the walls are set in place with anchors, and then shotcrete is impacted onto the surface; shotcrete will embed the wall anchors into the existing wall. The Shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana can then finish the wall to a similar appearance as a brand new concrete wall, smoothing out the concrete and cleaning up the appearance of the wall.

If you have purchased a home, or are considering the purchase of a new home that has structural issues within the home’s foundation, then call Shotcrete Montana today to hear how the concrete experts can begin your new-old home’s rehab, starting with the foundation.

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