Shotcrete Sustainability

Shotcrete is a terrific building material that has so many uses. Because of its method of application, it’s a well-compacted and consolidated material perfect for a variety of challenging structures such as a retaining wall or ditch. It’s also a terrific method of applying a repair. And it’s also a great product easily considered sustainable. Here’s why…

Shotcrete is a product that can be used to build a structure that will be strong and efficient and, when the structure is built by the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana, stand the test of time. And future generations won’t have difficulty either removing the structure nor recycling it. Concrete is one of the few building materials that, once deteriorated, can be broken down and reused as building material. And shotcrete is produced using energy-efficient methods, minimizing its imprint in our landfills, and using very few other materials to create it.

Shotcrete has many practical advantages due to its method of application, which does require fewer workers on the jobsite and, generally, can be installed in less time than conventional concrete. It’s a terrific product to shore up and stabilize slopes, line a channel, or hold back erosion. And because it’s such a durable product, backed by years of successful installations, it’s been proven to withstand the forces of soil and water.

If you have a project that would be better built with Shotcrete, call and speak with the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana. A structure, such as a retaining wall, can be both extremely useful, shoring up erosion and stabilizing a slope, and beautiful as a design element within the landscape. Because of its particulate components, shotcrete even has the appearance of being natural, and when there are issues with erosion can add depth and contrast to an area of diminishing beauty.

If you have any questions about how Shotcrete Montana can help you, then call today.

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