Shotcrete Benefits

There are many methods of construction that involve traditional cement applications, however many of these traditional methods are being replaced by shotcrete technologies. There are many reasons that include efficiencies and durability; from ditch and swimming pool construction to retaining wall construction shotcrete is quickly becoming the choice method of material and application.


If you don’t know much about shotcrete, then the first thing to know is that it’s different from traditional concrete in its application: it’s sprayed from a nozzle at high velocity. The sprayed shotcrete particulate is compacted without air gaps onto the receiving surface; the shotcrete layer, put down without air gaps, is a layer of material that is both reliably strong and uniform in its construction. It’s an ideal surface for applications where traditional concrete was once the normal building material.

Because of the method of its application, shotcrete is considered a durable material. When traditional concrete is poured there are variables that can diminish its adhesion and increase the potential for air gaps within the finished product, whereas shotcrete is applied with a sprayed velocity so that it not only adheres to every surface onto which it’s sprayed but it also compacts onto itself, diminishing or altogether eliminating the chance for the type of gap that can cause a breakdown within the finished product.

Shotcrete is a wonderfully versatile material that is well-suited to a variety of projects. It can line a ditch or compose a retaining wall; it can build a skate park or help to bolster the walls of a city’s subway system. It’s a wonderful product that can be applied with less man power and with less man hours. And if you have any questions about how shotcrete can help you build and finish your next project, then call the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana today.



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