Shotcrete Overview

There are different types of concrete and different ways to apply it, but why is it important to use one over the other? Well, the number one difference between shotcrete and other types of concrete is the application of the material. Shotcrete’s innovative method of application make it a terrific product that is both extremely strong and handsome.

Shotcrete is sprayed from a hose onto the surface, eventually drying into the finished shotcrete surface. It’s an incredibly cost-effective process, and it can be applied effectively onto an irregular surface. And because of the method of application, the application process is more eco-friendly than other types of concrete application. Concrete requires forms and other materials to build up forms to hold the aggregate mixture in place. And because of its method of application, shotcrete bonds well and is free of voids.

Another benefit of shotcrete is that it can applied in odd environments. Shotcrete avoids the problems and hassle of moving large equipment to an exact location on the jobsite. A skilled shotcrete contractor can place the material effectively.

Shotcrete is a terrific product that is effective for numerous applications: Retaining walls, ditches, dams, sewers, architectural landscaping, ground stabilization, etc. When it’s used to retain soil from erosion, it can stabilize slopes alongside roads, highways, and dams; but, it’s equally as effective in rural applications. And when a retaining wall is needed to stabilize a slope it is built quicker with shotcrete; framework isn’t needed on a shotcrete-built retaining wall, making the overall cost, including both time spent and materials used, less.

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