Shotcrete to Stabilize Soil

Shotcrete is a terrific material, and one of its primary uses is to support slopes and to stabilize soil. Slopes with erosion and stability issues are both naturally created and created due to common construction such as the building of highways, dams, railway lines, etc. depending on the height and gradient of the slope, the composition of the soil and rock, and the stability of those materials determines whether or not shotcrete is needed to prevent the slope from movement.

Shotcrete is incredibly effective in soil stabilization because it’s versatile, durable, and has a terrific ability to adhere strongly to the substrate. And because it gets applied pneumatically, it’s applied quickly and efficiently. And structurally it’s strong: it’s both a protective coating but also strong enough to anchor bolts and other types of anchors and support systems. On certain slopes that have poor substrate or steep gradients extra stabilization is added to ensure strength.

In addition to slope stabilization, shotcrete is a top-choice building material to erect a retaining wall. Retaining walls are terrific structures and when built by the experienced shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana will be strong and reliable for many years.

The Shotcrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana are ready to help you stabilize a slope on your property. When it comes to erosion and unstable slopes, ignoring the problem won’t make it any better, and without proper stabilization the slope will continue to erode and move. If you have any questions about how Shotcrete Montana can help you either stabilize a slope or any other shotcrete/concrete related project, then call Shotcrete Montana today.

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