Slab Movement: Yes, You Can Fix It…

Slab heave and slab movement can be fixed—not easily, but if you’re armed with a certain amount of experience and you apply the forthcoming helpful tips (Or you can call the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete MT for help), it can be done. Here’s how.

A home will move, unfortunately, and it will continue to move throughout its life. The movement will be more drastic at first, and the amount of movement will depend both on the quality of the soil and the quality of the backfill job. And the house’s movement will be imperceptible. Because it moves slowly you should keep a journal that keeps a record of the cracks. Slabs heave when the soil has excess moisture. Slabs move because of moisture, and even frost, especially when it interacts with the soil. The expansion of the soil results in an inward force on the foundation; as the wall is pushed inward it will become unable to support itself against the pressure.

However, older homes also have other problems, and sometimes these walls and floors can deteriorate rapidly; another reason to keep a crack journal. The walls of an older home can break down for any number of reasons. The most common reason is that the concrete was of a subpar quality, and as the home has aged the low quality or poor mix of the concrete broke down prematurely. Homeowners in these situations once had to rebuild entire walls, a job that was extremely costly and the time required to complete the job was excessive because of the amount of work involved. Luckily, the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete MT, using shotcrete, can stabilize deteriorating foundation walls. When the walls of the foundation are bowed, a shotcrete-and-wall anchor will make it so that the wall will no longer move. And the other advantage to a shotcrete layer is that it gives the wall a finished look.

If you have any questions about how shotcrete and the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete MT can help stabilize the walls of your foundation without excess cost or time, then call today.

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