Radiant Floor Panels

Radiant floor panels are echo friendly, and simple to install. Radiant floor panels heat the floor, which then in turn, heats the person standing on the floor and other objects in the room. Other heating systems heat the air, and, in drafty areas – covered porches, for instance – a heating system that only heats the air is incredibly inefficient. Radiant floor panels that are stacked as one big system are much larger than traditional systems, with each panel working with the one beside it, and, also, because the room feels warmer with radiant floor panels, the heating system expends much less energy than its air-heating counterparts.

Radiant floor systems will also help to manage the moisture in the air, which, in turn, will help to avoid the growths of mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Radiant Floor Systems will also promote clean air quality. Also, a Radiant Floor System runs very quietly.

To determine how many panels you will need (panels are built for either 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inch PEX tubing)) divide the total square footage of the installation area by 8 square feet. Make sure that the surface where you plan to install the panels is smooth and at a proper grade. The more accurate the surface is to level, the easier the installation. If you are installing a vapor barrier with your system, put that down before you put down the panels. Start the panels in a corner, and run the panels from right to left. When you reach the end of the first row, if you need to cut one panel to make it fit, use the cut excess from that panel to begin the new row. Your rows should be a staggered layout. When the rows are all in place, install the PEX tubing. Run the PEX tubing in accordance with your design layout. When you install the PEX tubing, know that PEX can be challenging to handle on cold days. In the cold, the PEX wont easily bend or unwind. Try to keep the PEX warm prior to installing it, and this will alleviate much of these complications.

Radiant floor panels are economical and simple to install. These installation instructions should be considered as a brief overview of the steps needed to install the panels, and you should revert to the much more intricate manufacturers instructions when you are in the process of assembling the radiant floor panels.

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