Best Time to Pour Concrete

Did you know that the fall season is one of the best times of year to pour concrete? It’s true. And the reason it’s true is that oftentimes the fall months offer the most neutral temperatures of the season. Concrete can be poured in any season, but mild and consistent temperatures work best.

Concrete should be poured on a day with a mild predicted temperature that remains consistent throughout that day and into that night. Obviously, it’s going to get cooler at night, but if you are pouring concrete at the head of an oncoming storm, a storm that’s predicted to drop the barometer and drop the temperatures by twenty degrees or more, then it’s probably not the best idea to pour the concrete that day. Wait for consistency.

It’s true that different types of concrete will have different requirements. But for any type of concrete it’s best to pour on a day with consistent temperatures and with a consistent humidity—in Montana we rarely have to worry about humidity extremes.

Best Projects for the Fall Season

The Fall season is the perfect season for the weekend warrior. This is the season for that new patio or walkway. Small projects that don’t require a massive overhaul to complete. These are the projects to do before the intense frosts of November make working the ground overly difficult. The other nice thing about working in the fall season is that when the Spring comes, and you’re ready to spend some time outside, your concrete projects will already be complete. The only drawback: you don’t want to pour concrete with the threat of below freezing temperatures looming. Concrete doesn’t cure well at below freezing temperatures—temps from fifty to sixty during the day are perfect!

If you have any questions as to which concrete products will work best for all of your small or big projects, or if you have any questions in general as to how to pour concrete, smooth your concrete, or cure your concrete, in the fall season, then call Shotcrete Montana today.

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