Concrete Culverts

What is a culvert? A culvert is a type of structure which allows water to pass through an opening, but remains closed off at the top. Simple. Culverts can be found almost anywhere. The closure allows people and vehicles to pass over the top. You can find a very simple version of a culvert along most any walking trail; the culvert may simply be a small box that directs run off water beneath the trail so that the trail above can stay passable and intact.

Advantages to Building a Culvert

A culvert makes it safe and stable to cross over a stream. Also, a culvert can direct water, especially helpful with water from an unpredictable watershed such as those primarily comprised of runoff water. Also, a culvert can reduce the dangers of erosion and damage to roads.

Benefits to an Arch Culvert

A concrete Arch Culverts can span long distances without requiring interior walls to support the load. This type of design is also pleasing to the eye, in that the architectural appeal tends to have a more natural, non-jagged appearance that many people prefer.

Advantages of Using Shotcrete to build an Arch Culvert

There is a cost-savings, when Shotcrete is used to build an Arch Culvert. The main reason for this being that there are certain design advantages to using shotcrete: a shotcrete-built Arch Culverts utilizes a design that allows the structure itself to work together with the surrounding soil to carry the load. This design makes for an exceptionally strong Arch Culvert, but also allows for less concrete to be used in the build. And because of the advanced way in which the forms are built, the process for building the Arch is accelerated, meaning that the time table needed is much shortened as compared to more traditional building methods. It’s because the forms themselves can be moved and repositioned after two to four days, depending, and the backfill process can be completed while construction on the next section is taking place.

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