Concrete Countertops—The Process

We’ve talked about concrete countertops here before, but here are the actual steps to do it (an overview that will give you an idea what you are in for, when you decide to take on this awesome home project!) Remember this is going to take time: if you are at […]

concrete countertops

Functions Of A Retaining Wall

The main function of a Retaining wall is to separate two different angles of soil when a change in elevation is needed. And, while retaining walls are a very practical and necessary addition to homes in need of them, they also add value and aesthetic appeal to any property. For […]

Concrete Sealers Billings MT

A good concrete sealer will make concrete much more resistant to weather, long exposures to water, abrasions, those pesky deicing salts that litter the streets of any Montana town following every snow, and it will even protect the concrete from grease and oil stains. A good concrete sealer will also […]

Radiant Floor Panels

Radiant floor panels are echo friendly, and simple to install. Radiant floor panels heat the floor, which then in turn, heats the person standing on the floor and other objects in the room. Other heating systems heat the air, and, in drafty areas – covered porches, for instance – a […]

Stamped Concrete Billings MT

Stamped Concrete installation can be challenging for the nonprofessional, and concrete is also very difficult and costly to repair if a mistake is made (Once concrete is dried its difficult to remove and replace concrete without showing a seam). But with careful practice, a seasoned DIY vet, with an attention-to-detail […]

Leveling Concrete in Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas: future man cave, media room, or, possibly the perfect place for a quiet master suite away from the kids. Unfinished basements are wonderful additions, but, when it comes time to build, what happens when you discover that the concrete surface is not straight […]

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops add style and durable finishes to any kitchen. Concrete is a great material for countertops because it is customizable. Concrete can be poured in a mold of any shape. Details can be added into wet concrete like edge detail or designs within the slab. Concrete is very durable, […]