Slopes and Slope Retention

A slope is common when terrain is changed to accommodate new roads and other construction-type projects like dams or railway lines. Sometimes the slopes are able to self-support, while other times some type of structural support is absolutely necessary to prevent the slope from collapse. Shotcrete is a terrific product to both retain the slope from potential collapse, and also because it’s both a durable material and method.

One of the advantages of shotcrete over other types of materials is its ability to adhere to most surfaces. One of the reasons for successful adherence is its pneumatic application. When the material is pneumatically applied, it compacts against the surface and fills the cracks and fissures and prevents any debris from falling. So, when the shotcrete is applied and then subsequently dried and cured, it’s both a terrific surface to retain the earth, and it’s also a strong surface on which bolts and other types of structural supports can be placed for anchor.

There are numerous uses for shotcrete in slope retention. It’s also a terrific product for the standard retaining wall, of both large and small scale. And because of the shotcrete is pneumatically placed, walls are built strong and more efficient. Soil and erosion problems are easily and efficiently managed because of shotcrete.

If you have any questions about how shotcrete can change your landscape, or would like to speak with Montana’s shotcrete experts at Shotcrete MT to schedule your project, then call today.

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