Manage Moisture

Proper drainage is paramount to the long-term success of a concrete structure. When it comes to longevity and structural integrity, few elements break down a structure quicker than poor drainage. When Shotcrete Montana builds a structure such as a retaining wall, a moisture protection system will be put in place to ensure that the moisture drains properly away from the structure. The advancements in technologies have made moisture management possible regardless of the soil type. Throughout Montana, and even regionally throughout Billings and the surrounding areas, the soils differ depending on location. The structure and composition of the soil can vary drastically, and certain soils do tend to retain moisture more than others. Trapped water can breakdown a structure, even when it’s built below grade. The water will likely permeate and create pockets of instability within the structure, affecting its integrity. Water can also cause problems with mold and mildew, and in structures built with habitable spaces there can be problems with air quality.

There are products such as Mel-Drain and MEL-ROL which can help mitigate water away from a structure. The products help to keep water from entering the structure and help move water away from the structure. And the benefits of putting a system such as this one in place are numerous. The product will help to resist clogging and relieve hydrostatic buildup; and, it’s incredibly reliable, built strong and also chemically-resistant. It’s constructed with raised dimples that allow water to pass but retain the soil. A prefabricated drainage system is common for use with a retaining wall, but also any other structure where site drainage is important.

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