Retaining Walls for Erosion and Elevation Change

On most landscapes, a concrete retaining wall is a pleasing aesthetic addition; especially when the wall brings together landscape design elements that feature two distinct elevation changes. And that’s usually the purpose of a retaining wall: to separate two distinct elevations of soil. It’s especially effective in landscapes prone to erosion. A retaining wall can be built from timbers, bricks, stone, or concrete, but a retaining wall designed to prevent an eroding landscape from further deterioration, is best built of shotcrete….Here’s why.

Erosion will not simply resolve on its own; gravity pulls constantly at the earth. A retaining wall of shotcrete is strong enough to withstand the pressures of soil. A retaining wall prevents the earth from moving further, and in landscapes where erosion has taken over a hillside it’s possible a retaining wall, once in place, will open up more usable space.

A shotcrete retaining wall in most application is a perfect addition. It’s both strong and incredibly adaptable thanks to its forgiveness and method of application. A shotcrete wall is composed of shotcrete, which is applied with a pneumatic sprayer; it’s hard to imagine traditional concretes applied pneumatically, but shotcrete is sticky. And there are no forms required. In addition to structural supports that are placed both in the earth behind the wall and within the wall itself, the time to apply the shotcrete wall is relatively quick: an experienced shotcrete operator at Shotcrete Montana can apply the shotcrete quickly; sometimes it takes only one pass.

Once the shotcrete is applied to the wall, it is adaptable in appearance. It can be left traditionally gun-finished, or it can be troweled smooth to an appearance similar to a conventional concrete surface.

Shotcrete is truly a wonderful and adaptable material. If you have any questions about retaining walls or any of the other projects Shotcrete Montana can help you build, then call today.

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