A Retaining Wall as a Design Element in a Landscape

When you place a retaining wall within a landscape its purpose is twofold. A retaining wall can be beautiful, but it can also be economical; it can also be both. Many retaining walls are purely utilitarian and highly-functional. A retaining wall can also have immense aesthetic appeal when placed in certain landscapes correctly. But a retaining wall has purpose: it’s an absolute necessity when two different angles of soil need a sudden change in elevation.

A retaining wall is built of a number of materials, although when a wall is to be built to withstand immense soil loads and is built with absolute strength to hold back the movement of the earth, shotcrete is a choice material; and the shotcrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana are the choice professionals to build it.

Even smaller retaining walls, such as those built in smaller scale or in backyard landscapes, the wall can be a beautiful and a highly-functional element within the design of the landscape. A wall of concrete can appear beautiful, especially in landscapes where there’s plenty of added color from plants and flowers. Even standard concrete-grey walls (Remember that concrete can also be colored and stamped to achieve a certain design aesthetic) can appear natural and beautiful, and contrast beautifully with other natural elements.

If you plan to place a retaining wall in your landscape, then also consider the plants that will appear beautifully with it. Hydrangea is always a good choice, mostly because it drapes over the wall and creates a naturally contrast with the wall; but, flowers planted either above or below the wall will also add to its appeal.

If you have any questions about how Shotcrete Montana can help create a retaining wall to go in your landscape then call today.

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