Drainage and Moisture Management

Did you know that proper drainage is incredibly important to the longevity and structural integrity of a retaining wall? It’s true. And when a retaining wall is built, modern day moisture protection systems are the best choice to naturally divert water. Native soils are different from location to location; the structure and composition of soils can vary drastically between locations. Those native soils are responsible for the movement of water, and when a soil has a low permeability then water can become trapped. Trapped water can become a problem for a structure that’s built to either withstand the forces of earth or when it’s being built below grade. The problems of water on a below-grade structure vary, and can include premature damage to the structure’s integrity, but water can also cause mold and mildew problems, and air control problems.

Products such as Mel-Drain and MEL-ROL help to keep the water from entering the structure, but also help to move the water away from the structure. The features and benefits of the system are numerous and include: high flow capacity, resists clogging and relieves hydrostatic buildup, it’s a prefabricated drainage system that’s both high-strength and has dependable long-life performance, and it’s chemically-resistant to any naturally-occurring soil condition—it can be applied in a wide variety of applications both safely and effectively. It works because its surface is dimpled, and these dimpled raises allow the passage of water but still prevent even fine soils from passage into the drainage channel. And it can be a used in a variety of applications and in any soil type, and it is effective on surfaces both vertical and horizontal.

There are numerous uses for a prefabricated drainage system and the most common are retaining walls, basement walls, underground parking garages, commercial buildings, and areas of site drainage. If you are ready to discuss your next project—Spring is only a few weeks away—and would like to speak with your qualified shotcrete/concrete contractor at Shotcrete Montana, then call today. 

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