Concrete Foundations

A concrete foundation should be built of such good quality that it supports a house for the duration—indefinitely; a foundation should outlast the house it supports. Obviously, over time, concrete will break down—it is a natural building material, after all—but any breakdown should be minimal and fixable, as much a natural deterioration of the building material as a product of the shifts of the earth in which the foundation is grounded. A foundation should prevent water from coming into a home, and help insulate the home from cold. A well-poured foundation should also resist the inherent movements in the ground surrounding it (a poor back-fill, or poor soil can also contribute to the early breakdown of a concrete foundation). So, any time you set out to build a foundation it’s important that you set up concrete with a sturdy footing and walls erected to a level height. Concrete walls should be without discoloration—discoloration indicates that there are certain inherent weak spots in the concrete.

How do you make a foundation strong?

Remember that most foundations, especially the foundations built to support residential homes, are built on a layer of crushed stone. The stone is the foundation for your home’s foundation: the stone should be well-compacted and level. If not, the concrete above it will develop cracks, and any cracks in a foundation lead to leaks. The formwork should be accurately put in place. During the concrete pour, there should be no voids or air bubbles within the concrete. Rebar, supports placed within the upper and lower thirds of the concrete wall, should be placed accurately to resist any of the forces—earth and water—that can move a concrete wall.

If you need a concrete foundation poured, or if you would like to speak with the experts at Shotcrete Montana about the necessary skills of pouring a foundation, then call today. A concrete foundation should be built with an absolute accuracy and attention to detail. Remember, a foundation is the most important component of any building. Let the experts at Shotcrete Montana help you to do it right.

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