As a building material, concrete is relatively simple. And at its simplest and most basic composition, concrete is made from water, aggregate, and cement all mixed together in precise proportion. Water and aggregate likely have been used as a building material since the dawn of mankind; it’s a simple and economical and durable building material. However, there is more to a quality concrete/shotcrete job than simply building up some forms and pouring the material; there’s precision involved in a quality job. Here’s a few of the reasons—although there are numerous reasons to hire a quality contractor beyond the scope and space limits of this post—why you should hire the quality contractors at Shotcrete Montana for your next project.

If your job is relatively small in scope, you might be tempted to do it yourself; in some cases, such as a small concrete patio added to a garden area or a concrete walkway from the front door to the mailbox, then you might be right—you can absolutely handle a project that small, and you’ll appreciate the accomplishment. But if you need a retaining wall in your landscape, or on the property you own there are drainage problems and you need a canal to divert water, then these are jobs that are beyond the scope of the wheelbarrow and shovel. And the aesthetic quality and the structural integrity of the end result will be likely better with an experienced contractor.

Structural integrity has everything to do with how the concrete/shotcrete is mixed, and how it is poured. If pockets of air exist there are potential areas for structural breakdowns. There are negative consequences to a mix that is too watery and consequences to mixes too dry.

If you have any questions about your next concrete/shotcrete project, or if you are ready to schedule the expert shotcrete and concrete contractors at Shotcrete Montana, then call today.

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