Concrete/Shotcrete Repair

It’s not always necessary to repair concrete. It’s a reliable and sturdy building material, and it’s likely that if the shotcrete/concrete was applied by your shotcrete/concrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana then it will stand the test of time. Because it’s such a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting product, it’s used on sidewalks, retaining walls, ditches, foundations, etc. And with all its uses, even a terrific pour/shotcrete application can develop cracks over time, especially after long-term (years and years) exposure to the elements, and the unavoidable movement and settling of the earth. Fortunately, many cracks have nothing to do with structural integrity, and can be easily repaired.

The shotcrete/concrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana are your choice for major renovations; when a retaining wall or ditch has deteriorated to the point where its structural integrity is compromised, you’ll want to the call the professionals to complete the job. Small superficial cracks, however, can be fixed with a few simple tools and a repair kit.

When you repair a crack in concrete, you’ll want to stick to the ¼ rule. If the crack is smaller than a ¼ of an inch, use a chisel to widen it. the chisel can both widen the crack for the patch and clean the interior of the crack of debris. Then use a firm-bristled brush to scrub away the debris until the interior is clean and its interior sides smooth.

When your patch comes from a tube, such as the Quikrete patch caulking, and you’ve loaded it into a caulking gun, cut the nozzle to a diameter that matches the width of the crack. Then apply the caulking by squeezing the trigger of the caulking gun; place a bead of patch uniformly into the crack, filling all voids. When the patch has dried, use a sealer (per the manufacturer’s instructions) in several coats, and clean any excess sealer left on the concrete immediately.

If you have any questions on how the shotcrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana can help you in your next big shotcrete or concrete project, then call today.

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