Concrete Sealer: Finish the Job Right

We know how durable and lasting concrete is as a building material. Although as durable as concrete is, a quality sealer will bolster its strength; a quality sealer makes concrete even more resistant to: weather, long exposures to water, abrasions, and staining.

And a quality sealer will improve the look of the concrete. Concrete is naturally beautiful, and in many applications only continues to develop aesthetically with age. A quality concrete sealer will only increase the likelihood that concrete does continue to develop, patina, and mature beautifully.

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Before you choose to apply a quality concrete sealer, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the recommended usage of their product. The next step is to properly prepare the concrete surface for sealing. Stains and debris—debris as fine as a layer of dirt or dust will prevent the sealer from adhering properly to the concrete.

Cleanliness is also important when the concrete is going to be reapplied. And, in the case of reapplication, the old sealer should be completely removed and the area be cleaned before the fresh sealer is applied.

There are a few tools to properly set down a layer of concrete sealer, and the most common are a roller and/or sprayer. The manufacturer will likely recommend the proper tool for the job. When you do apply sealer, it’s best to lay it down in thin coats, and it usually takes several. It is possible to put down too much sealer, and if you do, accidentally, try to prevent it from puddling or forming unevenly on the surface.

Concrete sealers are definitely not the flashiest component to a concrete job, but they are vital and important to the quality and strength of the finished product. If you have any questions about a shotcrete or concrete job, or are ready to hire the experts at Shotcrete Montana, then call today.

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