Remove Concrete-Techniques to Remove Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly durable and hardy building material; it’s long lifespan makes it a terrific choice as a building material for numerous projects. But like all things, concrete/shotcrete does eventually break down and need to be replaced. And the removal of a concrete slab, retaining wall, or ditch can be difficult work. For larger scale projects, such as larger retaining walls and ditches, it’s a good idea to trust Shotcrete Montana with the removal and then the eventual replacement to the shotcrete/concrete. Smaller scale projects, however, can be accomplished with either a sledge or jackhammer; it’s also a terrific idea to use both on a removal.

The jackhammer has been around for a long time. It’s practically become the symbol for the construction-type working human. It’s an efficient tool that’s used by contactors everywhere. But it is cumbersome and very heavy, and experience is needed to operate it efficiently (Experience can be gained on the jobsite, and once an operator knows and understands the ins and outs of the their machine, and are able to operate it safely, learning on job is advisable). It is possible to incur injury while using the jackhammer even when while operating the machine correctly. You can injure your back, shoulders, etc., with poor technique.

The sledge is a tool that can be wielded by nearly everyone capable. When a person works on a slab of concrete with a sledge, it’s a good idea to hammer at the edges; work inward from an edge, or on the edges where it’s damaged. If you try to hammer concrete from the center or from a large unbroken area, it won’t likely break; it might not even chip. To work from an edge is to cleave away pieces.

Remember to be safe if you do choose to do your own concrete work. For everything else, including shotcrete-built retaining walls and ditch work, remember to call the shotcrete/concrete experts at Shotcrete Montana.

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