Fall is a Terrific Time for Concrete…

Did you know that fall is a prime month for concrete? It’s true. It’s mostly because the fall is a season of predictable forecasts and moderate but neutral temperatures. It’s important, however, to remember that concrete and shotcrete work can be performed in any season, if safeguards are in place; but, mild and moderate temperatures present desirable conditions to do work.

Shotcrete and concrete jobs are best done when temperatures are forecast to remain consistent throughout the day and into the night. For instance, if you plan to pour concrete the night before a huge storm, or when a front is forecast to move through and drop the temperatures twenty degrees or more, then it would likely be a good idea to wait to pour until the forecast appears neutral. It’s also important to watch changes in the barometric pressure and the humidity levels, although in Montana the humidity extremes are usually not an issue.

Shotcrete Montana is ready to help you accomplish any shotcrete/concrete job throughout the fall months. Fall is a terrific time to plan for the mitigation of soil and water during spring runoff and also irrigation needs. That makes it a terrific season to build both retaining walls and ditches. Or to bolster those aging walls, dams, and canals. Imagine eliminating the perpetual anxieties of soil and water in late-winter and spring, retaining and stabilizing slopes, diverting runoff, preparing canals to work efficiently. If you are ready to accomplish that next big task on your property, then call the concrete and shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana today.

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