Concrete Sealers

It’s possible for a concrete amateur to forget or to be unaware of the importance of a quality concrete sealer. A sealer helps the concrete resist the weather; a quality sealer prevents the concrete from taking on too much water during periods of long exposure; and, it even helps the concrete resist damage. And if the sealer’s added protections aren’t enough of a reason to apply it, then know that the sealer also aids in the concrete’s finished appearance; concrete is a beautiful building material all on its own, but a quality sealer placed accurately will improve the concrete’s beauty.

All sealers have different instructions and protocols to be followed. Manufacturers have guidelines and instructions for a reason, and if you attempt to apply a sealer without the help of your concrete/shotcrete expert at Shotcrete Montana, then it’s best to follow those instructions to the letter.

But, in all cases, the concrete should be cleaned thoroughly before the sealer is applied. Any debris, dirt, and light staining on the concrete will deter the sealer from adhering properly. Even a layer of dust—the summer has been considerably hot and dry—should be cleaned from the concrete’s surface before the sealer is applied.

When you apply the sealer, the manufacturer will likely have outlined the process and recommended a tool—either a roller or a sprayer will work—and when you apply the sealer with the tool it’s best practice to apply it in a thin layer. It’s likely that you will have to apply the sealer with two coats; too much sealer on the surface and you run the risk of the sealer collecting and puddling, forming an uneven surface.

In all cases, if you have a concrete or shotcrete job you need done, it’s a good idea to call your shotcrete/concrete experts at Shotcrete Montana. If you have any questions about a project, call today.

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