Concrete Issues: Cracking

Concrete is unique in that, like a mirror, it displays its strength, its weakness, its age, etc. and one of the most common things to happen to concrete is that it develops a crack/fissure/fracture. What are the differences between the three? The differences are in the severity of the damage; the wider the opening the worse the damage. Oftentimes these cracks in the concrete represent structural issues within the entire structure. When a crack is found, especially when the concrete is responsible for support, the cracks size should be monitored to see if it worsens. Oftentimes the cause of the distress within the concrete is a structural integrity, inappropriate design, or deteriorating durability (age). Cracks can occur in concrete both new and old.

The number one way to repair or restore damaged concrete—when the application suits the technique—is to apply shotcrete. It is an ideal construction material for repair/restoration because shotcrete is effective for both reinforced and non-reinforced structures. And the structures range from bridges, parking garages, dams, reservoirs, sewers, etc.

If you have any structures that are in need of repair, or if you have a special job for which the application of shotcrete is well-suited, then call the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana today.

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