Concrete for Beginners:

Concrete is relatively easy to mix, use, etc., but very few people can get it absolutely perfect; there’s an underlying experience level (Maybe even a level at which it becomes an art form?) to skillfully working with concrete. But there are a few tips and tricks to working with concrete that only a pro would know; luckily, we’re going to share a few of those tips and tricks with you. No, this does not mean that you’ll be out there this spring, armed with knowledge, and laying flawless slabs of concrete. But with a little know-how, we hope you’ll be a little more confident to tackle that next concrete project.

The quality of the appearance/finish of the concrete separates the novice from the expert. Screeding refers to the process of pushing/pulling a screed board across a wet concrete surface. A screed board is a simple-looking tool—it could even be as simplistic and utilitarian as a flat-edged two-by-four—that’s heavy enough to remain level and push the heavier aggregate down into the concrete mixture. To be accurate while screeding is to keep the board level above the concrete; but it is also important to know in advance where there are apparent hills and valleys in the surface of the concrete. The end-goal is to have a finished surface as level as possible.

Floating concrete is also a job for the experts, but it can be done by a novice with know-how. It takes practice to work a float over the surface of the concrete, and it takes practice to know the amount the concrete should be worked.

The problem with concrete is the skill of mixing/laying it is not something easily practiced. When you mess up a cut on a board in a furniture project you can always replace the board. Concrete goes down and hardens, and if there are any imperfections/accidents, then, usually, the entire thing should be replaced. If you have a concrete project that’s just too big, or you feel that the job of working with concrete is best left to the professionals, then call the concrete/shotcrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana today.

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