Concrete Floors?

Yes, concrete floors. It’s a trend in modern building. There are numerous benefits to building a home with concrete floors. And while the benefits are many (we’ll discuss exactly what those benefits are in a few…) there are a few drawbacks, although the drawbacks are not nearly as numerous. The one and only drawback should be the most apparent: concrete is a hard material. The hardness of concrete is semi-unforgiving, especially when we’re talking about children running and playing. Carpet and wood are still king in households with children, because of the softer ground feel. But that doesn’t mean concrete wouldn’t be perfect for households full of children—but it should be a consideration. Also, concrete may have a cooler feel underfoot, and for people who prefer the warm feel of wood or the blanket-like feel of carpet underfoot, the coolness of concrete may be undesirable.

The benefits are numerous, and include many aesthetic benefits: concrete is an incredibly beautiful natural-looking building material. Concrete can be smoothed to an ultra-lustrous finish; concrete can be died to appear in most any style taste. A concrete floor can be built to appear completely originally; virtually anything is possible with color and tint, etc. There’s also the benefit to the durability of the material. Concrete is really durable, and it can withstand the elements; concrete can clean up easily, and pet hair and household detritus can easily be swept up.

If you have any questions as to the success of using concrete as a building material in any project–concrete is a terrific material (shotcrete) to build pools and retaining walls, etc., then call the concrete/shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana.

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