Concrete Because It’s Sustainable… And Beautiful

It’s hard to imagine that a building material that’s long been in favor for numerous tasks has been and continues to be environmentally friendly. Too often we see building materials come and go, learn of their potential negative health and environmental impacts and quickly switch to an alternative. But concrete is unique. It’s primarily made from limestone, and limestone is one of the most abundant materials found on planet earth. But it can also be made of recycled waste products; repurposed waste from a power plant or manufacturing facility. And once the concrete has fulfilled its purpose, it can be easily recycled and repurposed; the most common place to find repurposed concrete is in road aggregate.

Concrete is also considered highly sustainable because of its durability. For instance, a concrete retaining wall built by the shotcrete/concrete pros at Shotcrete Montana won’t rot or warp or burn. Whereas other building materials such as asphalt singles and building plastics such as vinyl are highly susceptible to damage, especially in inclement weather. Whereas concrete will not only hold up in inclement weather, but it will patina beautifully because of long-term exposure.

Concrete is also highly efficient. It can absorb and retain heat. And it can even be used to keep things cool, in climates where daily temperatures can climb to dangerous highs. And its efficiency makes it the choice building material for numerous projects. For instance, it’s a terrific building material to use to support a home, to withhold land, to withhold water, etc. Amazing to think of the scale that begins at the Hoover Dam and reduces down to a countertop in a residential kitchen. The applications for concrete as a building material are practically endless. And if you have any questions about how the shotcrete/concrete experts at Shotcrete Montana can help in your upcoming project, then call today.

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