A Perfect Mix of Concrete

Concrete can be tricky to mix, especially for someone new to the process. But the initial stages are vitally important to the end result; the best concrete jobs begin with a well-balanced mix of concrete. Concrete that is mixed well will be easier to work with and remain durably intact throughout its lifespan. And there are certain tricks to getting the mixture of concrete to perfect consistency.

Where’s the Best Place to Mix the Concrete?

Depending on the job you intend to do, you can use almost anything appropriate; the vessel in which you mix the concrete should be something you can reliably move to the jobsite. Obviously, that means concrete trucks and mixers are appropriate for big concrete jobs. For larger-scale pours, the truck or mixer can provide large and efficient quantities of concrete. But for smaller scale work, something as simple as a wheelbarrow will do the job. To mix in a wheelbarrow is simple, although you will need a few tools. A sturdy garden hoe, scrubbed clean of debris and dirt, a stiff-bristled brush (to use to clean the equipment while you work) and a spare bucket.

Concrete is a dry mix, and it doesn’t have the same quick-cure properties and efficiency of application as its cousin shotcrete. To mix the concrete, place the entire bag in the wheelbarrow and use the edge of the hoe or a utility knife to break-open the bag. Fill your spare bucket with clean water, and add water slowly to the concrete mixture. As you add the water, drag the hoe through the mixture (It’s much easier to do with two people, although you can mix concrete alone, just pay close attention to the consistency of the mixture. A mixture that is too course or sandy will be crumbling at its edges and appear too dry. If you add too much water, the mixture will be soupy. Add one cup of water at a time until the mixture develops the consistency of peanut butter.

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