Shotcrete is Ever More Popular: Here’s Why…

Shotcrete is becoming a popular building method. One of the primary reasons for the excitement is that the material allows contractors to build structures that are very economical. And the brilliance of the material is that it offers much more flexibility in regard to time and project management than traditional concrete. It’s also widely considered to be much more durable and reliable a building material/method than traditional concrete. The durability of shotcrete means that structures built with it or supported by it are very stable. The main reason for its durability is in the method of its application: the shotcrete is sprayed onto the surface, making the structure far less porous than a traditional concrete pour. When the structure itself is less porous the bonded strength of the material is increased.

One of the primary areas for growth in the use of shotcrete as a building material is in water-related structure. Water conservation is becoming popular, and, in some areas of our country and others, absolutely necessary. Infrastructure such as reservoirs, dams, canals, and irrigation/ drainage channels—to name a few—are all becoming important aspects to population growth/boom in rural areas.

Another important aspect of shotcrete is erosion control. Slopes and cuts degrade, and structures both natural and manmade deteriorate. Shotcrete can be applied to a slope to stop further erosion/deterioration. And the end result is that the slope is stronger, reducing the likelihood of an accident. Other methods of slope/erosion control can take more time and be costlier to complete.

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