Why Hire A Professional? I.E. Isn’t This The Age Of DIY?

Some jobs are practically made for the average weekend home-improvement-warrior. Most anyone can learn to mix simple batches of concrete, to build forms correctly, and then to pour concrete, float it and seal it. But there are reasons to hire a professional. And it’s not just for the big jobs—although […]

Concrete Culverts

What is a culvert? A culvert is a type of structure which allows water to pass through an opening, but remains closed off at the top. Simple. Culverts can be found almost anywhere. The closure allows people and vehicles to pass over the top. You can find a very simple […]

Concrete Foundations

A concrete foundation should be built of such good quality that it supports a house for the duration—indefinitely; a foundation should outlast the house it supports. Obviously, over time, concrete will break down—it is a natural building material, after all—but any breakdown should be minimal and fixable, as much a […]

Retaining Walls

What’s the purpose of a retaining wall? A retaining wall is a lateral support built of concrete to support sloping soil. And, while all retaining walls are built for the same or very similar purposes, not all retaining walls are built in the same way. Here are four different types […]

Best Time to Pour Concrete

Did you know that the fall season is one of the best times of year to pour concrete? It’s true. And the reason it’s true is that oftentimes the fall months offer the most neutral temperatures of the season. Concrete can be poured in any season, but mild and consistent […]

Repairing Cracks In Foundation Walls

Concrete is an incredibly durable building material, but it does have its limitations. All building materials have limitations that come with age. Concrete can develop hairline cracks after it cures, and, over time, these fine, hairline cracks can develop into larger, wider cracks that allow in water, insects, and radon […]

The Trick to Mixing Concrete

The best concrete jobs begin in the initial stages of form building and concrete mixing. Mixing concrete isn’t overly difficult, but there are certain tricks to making the consistency of the concrete just-so. Well-mixed concrete will be easier to work with and will hold up durably. Where Do I mix […]

Developing Concrete Skills

Concrete is generally an easy-enough to use building material. And a beginner can usually get the hang of working with concrete quickly and painlessly; however, this does not mean that a beginner is going to execute a concrete job flawlessly. There are tips and tricks to working with concrete that […]

Concrete Floors: Durable and Beautiful or a Trendy Fashion Statement

There’s no doubt that concrete as a building material is both strong and durable. It can’t be scratched or dented—it can be chipped, however. It’s simple and elegant, and can be dyed a variety of colors and styles to suit. But, if it’s so great, then why doesn’t everyone just […]

Breaking Down a Concrete Slab

If you ever want to replace your concrete patio, you will have work taking out the old one. Tahere are two tools that work well: Jackhammer and sledgehammer. For those of you thinking a Jackhammer, because it’s mechanical, is an easier, more efficient tool to use, think again: jackhammers are […]