Uses for Retaining Walls

Have you ever seen a retaining wall? Maybe a short structure of concrete or concrete blocks that track a property boundary line and keep the hill of earth behind it at bay. Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve a similar purpose: they are stabilizing […]

Drainage and Moisture Management

Did you know that proper drainage is incredibly important to the longevity and structural integrity of a retaining wall? It’s true. And when a retaining wall is built, modern day moisture protection systems are the best choice to naturally divert water. Native soils are different from location to location; the […]

Concrete Vapor Barrier

In building construction water vapor should always be controlled. When a concrete floor is poured a vapor and gas barrier should be placed beneath. Here’s why… There are a few reasons why a concrete vapor barrier is absolutely a necessity when you pour a concrete floor. The first reason is […]

Foundations or Retaining Walls of Concrete

The very word foundation conjures images of strength and stability. And a quality foundation made of concrete should outlast the structure it supports. Concrete isn’t impervious to age and other environmental factor, but, when it’s created, it should be perfectly mixed then poured without pockets and other factors that create […]

When is The Best Season to Complete a Concrete Project?

Usually, it’s the shoulder seasons—both Spring and Fall—that have the best temperatures for a concrete pour. The reason is that temperatures are usually neutral, and milder. Two things to be cautious of in these seasons are precipitation, and that temperatures don’t swing dramatically in either direction. Sometimes, especially in the […]

Concrete Sealer

A quality concrete sealer is a vital component for a quality concrete job. The concrete sealer makes concrete resistant to weather, exposures to water—yes, concrete is durable and is meant to handle the elements, but long exposures can break down nearly any building material—abrasions, and deicing salt. A quality concrete […]

Concrete for Beginners:

Concrete is relatively easy to mix, use, etc., but very few people can get it absolutely perfect; there’s an underlying experience level (Maybe even a level at which it becomes an art form?) to skillfully working with concrete. But there are a few tips and tricks to working with concrete […]

Concrete Floors?

Yes, concrete floors. It’s a trend in modern building. There are numerous benefits to building a home with concrete floors. And while the benefits are many (we’ll discuss exactly what those benefits are in a few…) there are a few drawbacks, although the drawbacks are not nearly as numerous. The […]

Concrete Issues: Cracking

Concrete is unique in that, like a mirror, it displays its strength, its weakness, its age, etc. and one of the most common things to happen to concrete is that it develops a crack/fissure/fracture. What are the differences between the three? The differences are in the severity of the damage; […]