House Rehab: Damaged Foundation

The home infrastructure in America is aging; the building materials of the baby boomer generation are beginning to break down, and require some significant repair. And when a homeowner thinks about rehab rarely do they consider the structure of the foundation.
In fact, on the surface of most older homes you will find cracks and fine fissures that don’t appear to be detrimental to the structure of the foundation; and, in many cases those fine cracks are nothing to worry about, and are likely a sign of natural settling and don’t present any real danger of structure problems. (Remember, however, that every home’s foundation will need repair work at some point in its life).
But homes with foundations that have begun to chip and crack, even cleave, are in trouble of causing structural problems; a severely damaged or deteriorating foundation could even cave in. And when you experience these serious problems, it is absolutely time to call the experts at Shotcrete Montana.

There are only a few options for structural foundation repairs. First, a homeowner can choose to completely tear out the old foundation and replace it with a new one. That’s a big, invasive project.
Second, the homeowner can choose to hire a professional to add structure and permanent supports. There are a few ways to do this. But did you know that shotcrete can be added to a home’s foundation to add support?
It’s true. And the finish of the shotcrete method has an appearance similar to a newly poured foundation.
It works, even on walls with severe deterioration, because anchors are put in place and thin shotcrete can be impacted onto the surface, embedding the anchors into the foundation wall. Then the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana can leave a finish that’s smooth and clean.

So, if your home has structural issues, or you discover the home you intend to purchase and then rehab may have structural problems, then call the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana to make things right.