Concrete Sealers:

Concrete is a terrifically durable building material, although one added component that can only make the concrete even more resistant to weather, to long exposures to water, to abrasions and other similar damage, is to apply a quality concrete sealer. And although concrete does have a natural beauty on its own, a quality sealer can only improve its appearance. But in order for all of the above to remain true, the sealer should be applied to the concrete correctly. Each brand will have its own rules and guidelines for applying the sealer, so stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

In all cases, the first step to apply a concrete sealer is to prepare the concrete surface. If there are any stains and debris—even a light layer of dirt or dust—on the concrete, remove everything. The sealer will not adhere properly if the concrete is dirty. This also applies in scenarios when a concrete sealer is being re-applied. The old sealer should be completely removed before the new one goes down. 

Use either a roller or sprayer—use the tool recommended by the manufacture—to apply the sealer. When you do apply a sealer do it in thin coats, usually two, because it’s possible to put too much sealer down, and it could puddle or form an uneven surface. 

Remember to never apply a sealer when the temperatures are below fifty-degrees. This temperature rating should include the twenty-four hours after it’s applied, because the sealer needs adequate time to dry. 

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