Concrete is Multi-Functional

Concrete has so many uses. It’s an eco-friendly material, it’s durable, and it’s even beautiful—consider it artisanal in certain applications. Today’s modern homeowner has a host of options to use the material around the home. One interesting use is in the kitchen, where it’s is gaining popularity as the staple material for kitchen countertops. Yes, it’s competing with the popular stones granite and quartz. While many would consider concrete to be too industrial-looking for a comfortable kitchen, something meant in one of those ultra-modern kitchens that looks like something out of some avant-garde magazine foldout, it can actually suffice for both. Concrete can be stained any color. Pigments can even be added that give it as much character as stone countertops, and it can be troweled into any style of finish. Also, the concrete can be laid in any shape—it’s going to follow the shape of your form. You can have a stamped pattern, or a pattern inlaid into the concrete just before it dries—it’s truly the most customizable material for kitchen countertops.


It’s an important decision: the kitchen countertops. It’s where all cooking takes place. where the chopping, maybe even hammering takes place. Places where plates and glasses can spill at an errant-moments notice. It needs to be a durable place, built for abuse, and it should also be a breeze to clean, with all of the possible raw-food contaminants. If concrete is sealed well it can resist stains. This is important as so many foods have pigments that can permanently stain. But, this isn’t a huge downfall of the product—granite needs to be sealed as well. If you’re going to undertake the project in a DIY capacity, make sure that you have a breadth of understand on the subject before the project. Also, make sure when your using concrete or concrete sealer to use the material at the specifications of the manufacturer. The manufacturer knows their product, and if it’s applied incorrectly, you may end up with poorly-built or poorly-looking countertops. If you’re in the market for new kitchen countertops consider concrete: it’s not for everyone’s tastes, but for some who install it, it’ll seem as if there couldn’t have been a second choice.

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