Concrete is Sustainable: Here’s Why…

Concrete is environmentally friendly. It’s a unique and efficient building material. Concrete is primarily made from limestone, which is one of the most abundant minerals found on planet earth, but it can also be made from waste products—waste from a power plant or other manufacturing-type facility. And because the ingredients of concrete are so easily found, the measures required to harvest limestone/recycle waste are small. And possibly the greatest argument for concrete as a sustainable building material is that once concrete has fulfilled its purpose as a building material, it can be recycled and repurposed as road aggregate, or something similar.

Another reason why concrete is so vital and so sustainable as a building material is that it’s durable. In fact, it’s incredibly durable. It won’t rot, and it can’t warp or burn; unlike an asphalt roof or a vinyl fence it can’t be destroyed by a Montana hailstorm. Few building materials can sustain the elements like concrete can. And because of its durability, it’s also incredibly energy efficient. Concrete can absorb and retain heat; it can be used to keep things cool, especially in areas where the daily temperatures can reach dangerous levels.

The most amazing thing about concrete is that it’s such as useful building material for so many different projects: concrete makes a terrific and economical foundation for a home; concrete pavers make a terrific walkway through a garden; concrete can withhold water—the Hoover dam is made of concrete; concrete can shore up erosion; concrete can be mixed, tinted numerous colors, and poured into a form to make a kitchen countertop. Needless to say, the applications are practically endless. And concrete ages well, unlike other building materials that have a definite aesthetic shelf life, and as it ages the natural patina that develops is oftentimes very beautiful.

Concrete is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and potentially recyclable building material. And if you have an upcoming project, for which you would like to speak with the concrete/shotcrete experts at Shotcrete Montana, then call today.