Concrete Cracking

Concrete shows its age as well as any imperfections. Concrete displays its weaknesses as cracks, fissures, and fractures. What are the differences between cracks, fissures, and fractures? When there is a crack in the concrete does it mean something different than a fissure? There are differences, and the differences are […]

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Concrete Sealers

It’s possible for a concrete amateur to forget or to be unaware of the importance of a quality concrete sealer. A sealer helps the concrete resist the weather; a quality sealer prevents the concrete from taking on too much water during periods of long exposure; and, it even helps the […]

Using a Vapor Barrier

The vapor barrier beneath the slab of concrete may not seem important. But the vapor barrier is responsible in supporting the concrete and ensuring that the concrete lasts a long time. The Perminator Underslab Vapor Barrier is one of the very best vapor barriers in the industry; it’s both extremely […]

A Retaining Wall as a Design Element in a Landscape

When you place a retaining wall within a landscape its purpose is twofold. A retaining wall can be beautiful, but it can also be economical; it can also be both. Many retaining walls are purely utilitarian and highly-functional. A retaining wall can also have immense aesthetic appeal when placed in […]

Shotcrete to Stabilize Soil

Shotcrete is a terrific material, and one of its primary uses is to support slopes and to stabilize soil. Slopes with erosion and stability issues are both naturally created and created due to common construction such as the building of highways, dams, railway lines, etc. depending on the height and […]

Remove Concrete-Techniques to Remove Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly durable and hardy building material; it’s long lifespan makes it a terrific choice as a building material for numerous projects. But like all things, concrete/shotcrete does eventually break down and need to be replaced. And the removal of a concrete slab, retaining wall, or ditch can […]

Concrete/Shotcrete Repair

It’s not always necessary to repair concrete. It’s a reliable and sturdy building material, and it’s likely that if the shotcrete/concrete was applied by your shotcrete/concrete professionals at Shotcrete Montana then it will stand the test of time. Because it’s such a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting product, it’s used on […]

Retaining Walls for Erosion and Elevation Change

On most landscapes, a concrete retaining wall is a pleasing aesthetic addition; especially when the wall brings together landscape design elements that feature two distinct elevation changes. And that’s usually the purpose of a retaining wall: to separate two distinct elevations of soil. It’s especially effective in landscapes prone to […]

Fall is a Terrific Time for Concrete…

Did you know that fall is a prime month for concrete? It’s true. It’s mostly because the fall is a season of predictable forecasts and moderate but neutral temperatures. It’s important, however, to remember that concrete and shotcrete work can be performed in any season, if safeguards are in place; […]

A Perfect Mix of Concrete

Concrete can be tricky to mix, especially for someone new to the process. But the initial stages are vitally important to the end result; the best concrete jobs begin with a well-balanced mix of concrete. Concrete that is mixed well will be easier to work with and remain durably intact […]